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General Information

Tourism is a sector with the greatest potential for economic development and is therefore very important. The rich nature, specific relief and landscapes, combined with the cultural heritage, traditions and cultural events organized in the park, form a good basis for the development of tourism and attracting visitors. Sar Mountain is already a popular destination for a variety of activities that are practiced in all seasons. There are facilities for accommodation, as well as providers of tourist services, and in recent years there has been a trend of increasing the number of visitors.

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Forms of Tourism

Taking into account the specific location and the existing infrastructure, we can define two main forms of tourism within the National Park – mass tourism and alternative tourism. Mass tourism is practiced mainly in the Buffer Zone, while alternative forms of tourism can be practiced in all three protection zones throughout the park.

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Alternative Tourism

The long-term vision in the National Park is to support all forms of tourism that have a low impact on the environment, as well as maintaining a balance between mass and alternative tourism. Alternative forms of tourism such as adventure, rural, nature-based tourism, geo-tourism and wildlife watching are becoming increasingly popular. Support for the development of any of the alternative forms of tourism will be beneficial for improving the livelihood opportunities of the local population and will reduce the pressure from tourism through its equal distribution throughout the territory.